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15 Best Cydia Apps for iDevices

Advertisement Finding out the best of all the cydia apps out now can be a fabulous job. To make it as simple and ease, here is a list of 15 best cydia apps for your iDevice. 1. 3G Unrestrictor iDevices does not allow you to download bulk files, but you will be able to do after you download this app. The app is priced at $2.99, which helps you to give smooth access to youtube, skype and […]

Access Multiple Email Addresses for New Mail At Once

If you have a number of email accounts, it will be a really time consuming and tiring task to log in to all of them one by one in order to check you emails. However, it is indeed possible to check all your mails from all your email accounts from one single place. The following are some tips which will help you check multiple email address for new mail all at one place. Check all […]

Desktop Tools To Add Watermark On Images

Security of the data placed on the internet has turned up as the most concerned issue in the present scenario. One of the best ways to protect at least your images posted on your website is to create a watermark. A watermark is nothing but a faint logo or word(s), which is superimposed over the top of the image. By creating a watermark, you would be able to earn copyright of your image and no […]

How to Get your New Email Address

Microsoft has recently announced the rebrand of Hotmail as with new set of Metro-style features including with the social integration. Moreover features, it offers you the email address on So if you hurry up on the process of creating one, also if you were lucky you might find some sorts of juicy address for free. Just navigate to start creating the email as email address. You can easily create a new alias using your […]

List of browsers which support flash on iOS

The apple ‘i-family’ comes loaded with Safari. The default browser does not prohibit you to taste others as many new browsers are out that lets you have a wonderful ‘i-experience’. The 10 such alternatives that can play flash content and navigate through web pages faster are, 1. Dolphin Dolphin is a free browser and is the one with the highest ratings. The factors that keeps it ahead of Safari is that it’s a lot faster, […]

How to Insert YouTube Videos in PowerPoint

Undoubtedly adding a couple of videos in your PowerPoint presentation is a brilliant idea. No matter what the topic is, YouTube will be having several videos related to it. The details given below will give you a good idea about how you can insert videos in your PowerPoint presentations. Adding YouTube videos to PowerPoint so that they work without internet Download the YouTube video you wish to add and save it as a WMV/AVI format […]

Microsoft Surface Windows RT vs Windows Pro

Microsoft recently announced the new surface tablet which runs on Windows 8. The tablet comes with two editions generally, Windows RT and Windows Pro. The Windows RT is ARM based surface chipset and Windows Pro is Intel Ivy Bridge-based Surface chipset. Some of the features officially unveiled are 10.6 inch screen, Multi touch keyboard with trackpad, Kickstand,  32GB, 64GB, 128GB storage options, USB access and more desktop experience. Here is the quick comparison of Windows RT and Windows Pro […]

How to get back the Start menu and Start button in Windows 8

It is pretty much obvious that within the end of this year Microsoft is going to release the final version of Windows 8 though the beta version of it is still being used by many. Despite having so many proficient features and attributes, one not-so-good facet is absence of Start button which has deterred many users who took a test drive to the Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System which made their tasks a little more complicated. […]

How to Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8

We are aware of the multi-functions of Windows 8 on devices designed exclusively for it but the aura of this Operating System but it is yet to be witnessed on personal computers or laptops of earlier configurations instead of such specified devices and touch tablets. Microsoft has been claiming aloud about the better performance, high end accessing compatibility and faster performance as it can run on any computer that could support Windows 7. The official […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Review

The Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone is a successor to the Samsung Galaxy S Android OS Smartphone. It is one of the most stylish looking phones of the year. It has a sleek and elegant look. As compared to its predecessors, this phone has various updated features which make it a good buy. Features The Samsung Android Smartphone comes with Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread Technology and Touch Wiz UI 4.0 Both the 2G and 3G […]